Thursday, 19 September 2013

Researching previous blogs

Catherine Baker was taking AS and A2 media in 2011 and 2012. I explored her A2 blog to look at her posts and get some inspiration when it comes to blogging. I chose to look at Catherine's blog as she had blogged 93 posts and achieved an A. I have chosen to pick five factors that I think are a very good contribution towards the A she achieved. I have decided to do this so I can use the five factors and apply them in my own work as much as possible. These are the following:
  1. I like how she has filmed her audiences feedback. I think this is good because it enables the examiner to see in the audiences own words what they think about the music video. The two questions she asked allowed the audience to go into a lot of detailed on their opinions as they were open question. I think it was effective how Catherine asked the audience if they thought that there was anything she could improve on. 
  2. I think it is good that she has not only asked the audiences feedback, but also feedback from the talent. Again, Catherine asked some good questions to the talent, such as 'Do you think the video fits well with the lyrics of the song?' and 'What did they like doing in making of the video?'. 
  3. I like that throughout the project Catherine has continuously updated and blogged her drafts of the music video and also the ancillary tasks. Along with each draft she has blogged she has filmed feedback so she can improve the videos and ancillary tasks.
4. I like how she has researched other music videos and used the to inspire her when filming her music video. She has wrote the representations that she has found in each of the videos underneath the actual videos she has blogged.

5. Throughout her blogs Catherine has constantly applied them back to her music video, genre and theme. She has not only applied each blog to her own work but she has gone into great detail in making sure the examiner knows exactly what she wants to achieve when filming, editing and blogging through this project. 

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